Gomae Food Technologies Job Opportunities

Lead Web App Developer

Job Description 
Gomae is a start up with the mission to make healthy and sustainable food more accessible. We are looking to build zero waste food technology that partners with existing infrastructures in cities to reduce single use waste. We want to provide the software and hardware to make any food providers’ transition to zero waste easy and economical. We are looking to hire a strong technical project manager with full stack web app development experience. We would love to see a strong development portfolio. This role will be to lead the development of new software infrastructure to manage customer orders, create a data collect framework for tracking zero waste assets, and everything in between. We would hope this to be a long term relationship and a diverse technical background would be considered an asset.

      - Salary $60,000 
      - Stock options (vesting) 
Location: Vancouver 
Start Date: Around April 1, 2019 
Timeline: This project will look to be completed by Jan 31, 2020, but we expect this role to continue well past then. 

Desired Characteristics 
- Strong problem solver finding robust solutions 
- Autonomous and self motivated 
- Comfortable making major project decisions and justifying them for the long term development plan 
- Team player willing to help out wherever needed in a pinch 
- Interested in startups and start up cultures 
- Positive and encouraging personality 
- Good listener, seeking to understand customers, coworkers, and clients needs 
- Values personal health and environmental sustainability 
Bonus (Future Role Potential) 
- Strong leadership characteristics and comfortable managing others 
- Understand our higher level business objectives and have a vision for creating and accomplishing technical projects to fulfill higher level objectives
- Bridge communication between technical and non-technical teams 
- Focused on the entire companies outcomes not just their own teams success 
- Life long learner 
- Long term relationship 

- Multiple web application frameworks 
- Front end, backend, and database 
- Creating data set frameworks 
- Facilitating user testing interviews 
- Creating accounts, notifications, and payments (recurring and auto charging options) 
- Researching and implementing available software tools and solutions. Potential Example: An app to scan barcodes and input information into our data set 
Bonus (Future Role Potential) 
- Broad technical experience 
      - Robotics 
      - Automation 
      - Software 

Next Step 
Please send an email to kenton.jarvie@gomaemealprep.com sharing why you are interested in this position and what you’re all about. Please attach a copy of your resume. Looking forward to hearing from you. 

If this position does not sound like a good fit for you right now, please pass it along to someone who you think would be a great fit. Thanks!